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Marketing Strategy Development (B2B)
Whether your organization is a start up or an established player, we can consult with you to develop a marketing strategy that captures increased awareness, sales and market share. This collaboration will include objective identification, market and target analysis, medium selection, messaging strategy development and campaign milestones. Oil up those creative-thinking cogs, it’s time to go to work.

Virtual Marketing Director
Often small or mid-size companies need the support of an experienced marketing professional but can’t justify the spend. If you find yourself in this situation, consider engaging us as a part-time Virtual Marketing Director. Gain the benefits of the top-caliber talent for 1/4 the cost.

Personas / Profiles
Surprisingly, many organizations lack a solid understanding of who they are talking to, or worse, who they even should be talking to. A persona is a composite representation of the attributes, traits and characteristics of your target audience. These personas empower you to create more effective messaging strategies because you have a clear picture of who you’re talking to. Allow us the pleasure of introducing your audience to you.

Brand Creation & Branding Strategy
Marketing provides an incredible opportunity to tell your target audience about who you are. As people grow familiar with your brand, they will come to associate specific feelings, thoughts and memories with it. Establish yourself. Stand out. You want to be something more than a product or service in the minds of your audience. Kodak doesn’t sell film, they sell memories. Nike doesn’t sell shoes, they sell improved performance. Branding is about building subconscious ties to your organization. We can help you do it right.

Non-traditional / Guerrilla Strategy Development
Your audience is exposed to thousands of advertisements every day. Your direct competitors being in that number shouldn’t be the only thing concerning you. Every one of those advertisements is fighting for a piece of your audience’s time, attention and wallet. Guerilla marketing is communicating to your audience in a creative, non-traditional way to interrupt their normal advertisement-processing mechanisms, forcing them to engage with your brand. Let’s break through the static together.


Corporate Identity (Logo, Business Cards, Stationery, etc.)
Your logo is your company’s face and the emblem of your brand. Think of a swoosh, a bitten-into apple, and golden arches. -Within a split-second of you reading each of those descriptions you probably had a distinct image of each logo and the brand they represent flash across your mind. There is real power in a strong logo. Think about it.

Product / Services Brief
You can’t always make the pitch in person. GIve your organization its best chance for success in your absence with a well thought-out and well put together product or services brief.

Annual Report Copywriting & Design
Earnings call in three weeks. Just getting the last of the year-end results in. Time to scramble. Let us shoulder the burden with you and make you look good as we go. We understand what’s on the line, and we’re great in the clutch.

Presentation Templates
Jettison that painful PPT template your organization has been limping along with and create one that actually represents you. It will take years off your presentation face and add a little life to those 3pm meetings.

White Paper Copywriting & Design
White papers have become a legitimate way to establish yourself or your organization as an authority. Engage your readers with captivating content and compelling graphics. Remember, “white paper” is the term, not the aesthetic description.


Web Design
Websites have become the secondary (and often primary) storefront in modern business. How do you want people to feel in your store? We pay meticulous attention to the details of your site’s appearance, copy (text) and navigation to ensure that when its complete, you will have a digital storefront you are thrilled to have your target audience interact with.

Microsite Design
A microsite is a miniature website, often consisting of only one to three pages. These pages are usually dedicated to a single product, service or cause—offering substantial keyword-targeting and SEO benefits. Engage us to develop a laser-focused and light-speed microsite to strengthen your online presence.

Logo / Identity
Your logo is your company’s face and the emblem of your brand. Think of a swoosh, a bitten-into apple, and golden arches. -Within a split-second of you reading each of those descriptions you probably had a distinct image of each logo and the brand they represent flash across your mind. There is real power in a strong logo. Think about it.

General Graphic Design
How you portray yourself is how your target audience will perceive you. You don’t want them thinking you are outdated and out-of-touch, so you can’t slap clipart on a canned template and expect your audience to be impressed. If you’re a small organization, we can make you look big. If you’re big, we’ll make you look even better.

Flash / Video Presentations
Video is one of the most exceptional mediums to utilize in your communications to your audience. If executed correctly, a clever and strategic video can reach far beyond the original intended-audience and achieve market penetration not easily achieved any other way. Always dreamed of being on the silver-screen? Let’s make that dream come true.


PPC, CPM Campaigns
PPC (pay-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-mille/pay-per-thousand) are terms used for buying advertisement space on search engines and social media sites. Each platform (e.g., Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) offers distinct audience-targeting benefits which will be factored in as we build out your digital marketing strategy. Don’t worry, once we have your buy-in on the strategy, we can execute and manage the campaigns for you.

Text Message (SMS) Campaigns
The mobile phone has become an external organ in our society. Many believe they could just not function without one. It’s not surprising then that SMS campaigns consistently hit 90%+ read rates, and sometimes as high as 99%. Incorporating SMS into you digital marketing strategy may be one of the best calls you make.

Email Campaigns
Email campaigns are like direct mail, net the postage. Building a strong list of opt-in email subscribers will provide value to your organization for years to come. We will help grow and manage your list, and deliver smart, relevant and strategic emails along the way.

SEO & Analytics
Search Engine optimization is an industry in and of its self. Because Google does not release what goes into their algorithm (secret sauce) for ranking websites, much of what is termed SEO by alleged experts is, at best, guesswork. There are, however, many confirmed and universally accepted SEO best practices. We will build your site on a solid foundation of what we do know establishes your presence in search engine results. As part of your site build out we can plug in analytics tools to track and report the number of your site’s visits, where your visitors came from, what they did on your site and numerous other enlightening metrics.

Google Places & Reviews
Google offers a lot more than gmail and a search engine. Google Places enables your organization to broadcast desired information to the world and Google Reviews allows your target audience to see reviews from those you have worked with. Whether you are a brick-and-morter business or purely web-based, correctly leveraging Google’s product offerings (like places and reviews) can drive traffic to your business. Let us to steer you in the right direction.

Mobile Platforms (iPad, iPhone, iPod)
As of January, 2011, over 160 million iOS devices have been sold by Apple. Where do you fit in this picture? Developing an iOS app or game may give you the edge over competitors to make significant market share gains and/or fortify your organization’s position at the top.


Newspaper / Magazine Ad
Press Releases, full-page ads, niche magazine ads… we do them all. We can work with you to develop the perfect message and design for any print advertisement. If you would like some guidance determining what spots to buy, we can consult with you on that as well.

Product Marketing Collateral
Your organization just developed a great product, but it won’t sell well in a clear container with no label. As often is the case, presentation is everything—and we’re great presenters. When we’re done, your customers may buy your product just to play with the packaging.

When your current or potential customers are unaware of your product or service offering, you may inadvertently lose them to your competitor. Don’t let that happen. Cross-sell and up-sell your current customers and pick up new customers with the assistance of an intelligent (and gorgeous) brochure.

Direct Mail
Most direct mail goes straight to the trash. We know how to disrupt that cycle. The term is “stopping power,” and it refers to an advertisement’s ability to grab attention long enough to deliver a message. Let’s create clever direct mail pieces with stopping power by thinking outside the box (while staying inside the budget).

Newsletters present a significant opportunity to engage your customer or client base, with readership rates reaching as high as 85%. If you want to effectively inform your customers or clients about a product, service, event, etc., consider reaching out to us to help you reach out to them with newsletters.


Strategy Development – Medium & Messaging
If a little ‘birdie’ or ‘pokes’ from ‘friends’ have persuaded you to establish a social media presence, we ‘like’ your decision and ‘suggest’ that you get ‘linked in’ with us before you get started. Social Media is a fairly simple concept, but there’s a lot more to constructing a successful Social Media strategy than liking, sharing and following. We’ll help you decide on the best social mediums and the right messaging to achieve your organization’s strategic objectives.

Social Media Development
Each social medium varies in the extent of its allowable customization and optimization. We offer an in-depth knowledge of these parameters and would love to help your organization get the most value from each medium.

Social Media Integration
Creating a linked web of customized and optimized Social Mediums with consistent messaging is like weaving a strong fishing net. Setting up a few disconnected pages with no attempts at brand differentiation is like throwing out a few separate fishing lines with little or no bait on the hook. We’re great fishermen; let us teach you the trade.

Messaging Campaigns (Organic & Paid)
Social Media presents a remarkably efficient and effective way to broadcast your organization’s message to the world. We can consult with you to create relevant and sticky messages to send organically through your networks as well as leverage the superb geo, demo and pychographic-targeting abilities social mediums offer for paid placements.