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Why Every Business Should Have A Strong Social Media Presence


With the rising tide of folks moving back to the land, many forgotten skills are returning, accompanied by a little modern ingenuity. Let’s do a thought exercise and apply some ancient wisdom to our online marketing efforts, shall we?

What do you (or your organization) need to survive? Food, water and shelter. Let’s focus on water and compare it to new business or customers/clients. Where do you get water from? Now, where would you get water from if the sink wasn’t there?

Rain collection is becoming a trend amongst urban and rural homesteaders. The idea is to be resourceful, using available roofs and structures to capture and channel rain to a collection reservoir. If you already have a main roof on your online marketing structure (a website, for our purposes), good for you. If not, you’re just crazy. This roof (website) is a surface that rain (potential customers/leads) can hit as they search for something you offer. Your website channels the rain down to your gutters (sales pipeline). Your gutters then direct your prospects to your reservoir (converting the prospect). If rain does not hit your roof, it will hit your neighbor’s (competitor’s) and they will not channel it to your reservoir.

Logic would then tell you to utilize or create bigger and/or more rooftops for rain to hit. In the online world, it’s not too difficult to create BIG rooftops. In fact, strategically created Social Media pages are extraordinarily large rooftops. Why do they make such great roofs? Lots of reasons, but here’s two:

1. Check-out Displays. Users can come into contact with your organization (rain on your roof) in an environment they are involved in at the moment. Compare that to standing in the checkout lane, seeing gum and remembering you’re all out. Ring it up. You, however, may provide multi-million dollar services (not gum), but the concept is still the same—visibility. You never know when some old colleague may look you up on Linkedin or Facebook, see what work you perform, and happen to have a need for your product or services or know someone who does.

2. SEO. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked are incredibly relevant in SEO. Take advantage of this and ride their coattails. If you put together a great Facebook page with a custom URL (remember your keywords), you can expect to see it at the top of rankings -along with your other Social Media pages- in short order. What does this mean? you have an opportunity to dominate the rankings for your chosen keywords or brand name. If you have 3+ of the top ten results in a Google search, you’ve got great odds to catch some rain.

Finally, the moral of the metaphor is this: it does not matter if your potential customers or clients aren’t avid Social Medi-ites. Even if you don’t catch any rain on your Twitter page, it adds to your SERP slots and increases your odds of your potentials finding you or recognizing your name when the time is right. It’s all about rooftops—the more you have the better. So get out there and build some. If you’d like some help, we’re great roofers.

Want an example? Check out our work for Minaroc by googling “pure mineral rock dust”, or just click here.

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