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Be An Early Adopter of Linkedin PPC Advertising


Be An Early Adopter of Linkedin PPC Advertising
An article in the SFGate yesterday (http://goo.gl/30C3E) pointed out that Linked in is not generating nearly as much revenue as their other products and services (only $18 million in Q3 2010). If Linkedin advertising is not generating much revenue yet, common sense would tell you the PPC bidding is not that competitive yet either. The opportunist in you should already be mulling over how much you can set aside in your budget to venture into this new territory.

If you are in professional services or business equipment/solutions, open that coin purse and carpe diem. Just make sure you craft a solid message and target the right audience. 90 MM users who voluntarily offer up their likes, interests, professional ambitions and, ahem… JOB TITLES, are worth your attention—if you catch our drift.

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