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Product Differentiation & Strategic Marketing — Chicago Style

Griffin Strategic Marketing_Chicago-style

On a recent trip to Chicago to meet with a client I had the chance to experience something I have known about for years but never experienced—authentic “Chicago-style” pizza. I’m no novice to pizza (I went to college) and I had a broad and deep knowledge base going into the experience. So what is different about Chicago style pizza than the rest of the world’s pies?-Not too much. Basically, really thick dough and the sauce goes on top. Sure it tasted great as pizza goes, but it was the experience and unexpected presentation that differentiated Chicago-style pizza for me.

What can businesses learn from the Chicago-style pizzas, Coney Dogs and Philly Cheesesteaks of the food world? Sometimes it just takes a small presentation tweak and slightly more memorable experience to make the concept stick and become “the standard”. If your results are lackluster, alter the recipe by a pinch and see what happens. You may end up defining a category.


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