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Invest in Your Customers’ Education


Many in the services industry have experienced the frustration of one of their regular customers/clients/patients purchasing services from another specialist. The painful twinge comes when the person is asked why they had someone else do the service… “I didn’t know you offered that.”

Case Study– A general dentist has treated a patient for 8 years and has a great relationship with him. On the next hygiene appointment, the patient shows up and sits patiently in his chair (the usual routine). The dentist comes in to the room, sits down next to the patient, chit chats and then the patient opens wide for the dentist to check the status of things. To the dentist’s horror, the patient has had a complete smile makeover with eight veneers and two implants. Once the Dentist composes himself, he asks the patient where he had the work done. The patient says that he went to a special cosmetic dentist for the work. The dentist asks if there was a reason the patient didn’t have him do the work. The patient asks, “you can do this type of work?” The dentist sets down his drill so he doesn’t stab himself with it, realizing he just lost $10,000 because he never thought to tell his patient that he offers these services.

Educate your customers. How are they supposed to know if you offer a service if you never tell them you do? You won’t stay in business very long if you think they will always think to ask you if you offer a service.

How do you educate them?
If you have a brick and mortar office, you better make sure that there is signage telling your customers about the great services you offer. If you’re a consultant, send emails and collateral materials to your clients. Are you a health services provider? Get your service information into a well put together brochure and then get that brochure into the hands of your patients.

Even if your customers don’t need your services now, they will know that you offer them when they are ready to buy. School them on your offerings now, and collect their tuition fees later.

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