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Facebook about to hit 700 MM users!


It seems like just yesterday that Facebook hit 500 MM users. Funny enough, I recently spoke with someone that said they believe Facebook hit its Zenith. I’m not so sure about that. Facebook seems to have developed a formula that MySpace didn’t. With most of the country now on Facebook, and many from other countries clamoring onto the platform, it’s hard to say when Facebook really will reach it’s pinnacle. Whatever the case may be, that’s not what’s important here.
With such an engaged, dynamic audience, what are some best practices to leverage Facebook for your strategic marketing efforts? Here’s a few tips:

1) Be REAL. -Just the other day I spoke with a potential client who asked me how to trick Google into ranking him higher, and I’m sure if the conversation drifted to social media strategy he would have asked a similar question. No disrespect to the person, but it shows a mentality that doesn’t work on Facebook. You’ve got to engage in a two-way conversation, it’s not a one-way street with you peddling your goods the whole time.
2) Ask questions. -If you have an active fan base, let them do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to promotional ideas or product offerings. For example, if you’re Lays Potato Chips, ask your fans what they would love your next chip to be. Maybe people are craving spinach-flavored chips with added fiber. Offer a prize to the person with the winning suggestion. -Maybe a year-supply of the chip they suggested?
3) Be newsworthy. -One of the greatest benefits of Facebook for your social media strategy is the prevalent sharing mentality. Let your fans build the buzz for you. offer up news or promotions that people want to talk about and share. $.50 of your next haircut isn’t really going to make people skip down the street. An opportunity to win an iPad might.

Facebook is an amazing tool in your strategic marketing arsenal. It’s changing how people find and share brands. I believe it buoys up brands that are passionate about their product and engaging with their audience and it flushes out impostors who are trying to game the system just to make a buck. Be REAL. Ask questions. Be newsworthy.

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