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Archive for February, 2011

Create Your Business’s Facebook Landing Page… Now!

One of our clients, Apex 3, recently wanted to expand their digital presence throughout the web—especially social media. Now, they are a specialized management consulting firm. You may wonder why they chose to invest in this. -It’s all about the rooftops… remember? You never know when …

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Invest in Your Customers’ Education

Many in the services industry have experienced the frustration of one of their regular customers/clients/patients purchasing services from another specialist. The painful twinge comes when the person is asked why they had someone else do the service… “I didn’t know you offered that.”

Case Study- A general …

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Why Every Business Should Have A Strong Social Media Presence

With the rising tide of folks moving back to the land, many forgotten skills are returning, accompanied by a little modern ingenuity. Let’s do a thought exercise and apply some ancient wisdom to our online marketing efforts, shall we?

What do you (or your organization) need to survive? …

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